Patagonia Expeditions

Patagonian Icecap Tours and Trekking Holidays, Los Glaciares National Park


We have being organising tours and visiting the ice-fields of Patagonia's stunning Los Glacieres National Park since 2006. The area offers some superb trekking, but the experience of a lifetime is touring on the great Southern Patagonian Icecap.

Our expeditions and trekking tours run between October and April each year, please contact us for itineraries and dates.
  • Patagonia Icefield Expeditions - Unique chance to experience the incredible and unique Southern Patagonian Icecap!
  • Ascent of Gorra Blanca - Your chance to climb a magnificent Patagonian mountain! Gorra Blanca stands at 2907m.
  • The Huemul Circuit - one of the best multi day trekking tours in Patagonia!
  • 2 weeks Trekking and Expedition - including Southern Patagonian Icecap, guided multi day treks, transfers and accommodation