Trekking Tours in the Sierra Nevada

Day and multi-day tours of Mulhacen, the Tres Picos challenge and Los Tres Miles traverse

Trekking Holidays and Tours in the Sierra Nevada

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Climb Spains Highest - Mulhacen

Mulhacen ascents to 3482, the highest peak in the Iberian Peninsula and mainland continental Spain. Mulhacen also claims the highest peak in Europe outside of the Alps and Caucasus Mountains.

Our most popular tour, we have organised well over 150 ascents! Our tours to climb Mulhacen are either a 2 day ascent staying in the Poqueira Refuge or 1 days tours are available (summer only).




Sierra Nevada 3000m - Los Tres Miles Integral

The aim is to cover the main Sierra Nevada 3,000 metre peaks in just one week. This tour has transport support provided to ensure you are able to traverse the main sections of the range. Quiet and unspoilt walking you do need a certain amount of resilience as it is remote and rough.

Best times to complete "Los Tres Miles" tour are Spring or the early autumn as in the height of Summer, it can become too hot for the lowlands. This also means that it is warm and enough for the higher mountains. Snow lingers on the high peaks for most of the year. We run these popular trips from mid-May through to the end of November.




Los Tres Picos - Mulhacen, Veleta, Alcazaba

It's Our Well Known 3 Peak Challenge! A tough 3 day trek, Mulhacen, Veleta and the remote Alcazaba, 3 of the biggest peaks in Spain. This has been used as a charity challenge by staying 2 nights in the guarded Poqueira hut. Alternatively, if you prefer it rough, there is the option to spend 1 night in an unguarded hut and another sleeping one of the beautiful mountain lakes. This way the Puntal de la Caldera and Puntal de Siete Lagunas become possible additions to the itinerary.



Sierra Nevada Crossings and Trekking the Remote North

Andalucia's Sierra Nevada lend itself to 2 or 3 day mountain trekking. There are high start points available that give access to magnificent mountain scenery, in the highest mountain range outside the alps in western europe. For those with limited time available in Spain, these crossings of the range allow you to experience the mountains at their best. We run these multi day treks on demand throughout the year, conditions permitting. Escape the crowds and trek the Sierra Nevada remote northern 3000m mountains in 3 to 5 day hikes The northern Sierra Nevada provide year round high, wild and remote trekking. These 3 and 4 day treks make use of unmanned refuges with optional wild camps. For those who like remote, quiet, dramatic mountain scenery, rough tracks and are willing to put up with basic shelter and facilities for a few nights