Snow Adventures

Spanish Highs ski touring and snowshoeing tours are the perfect way to see the Sierra Nevada Range

Snowshoeing & Ski Touring


Ski Tours & Split Boarding in the Sierra Nevada

The supreme way to travel in the mountains! With great snowsure conditions from January to May, the Sierra Nevada offers one of Europe's best locations to learn the basics of touring through the high mountains on skis. It's back-country skiing at its finest! We can offer courses for beginners and also tours for the more experienced.

The 5 Day High Level Ski Challenge!

A 5 day ski tour that traverses the Sierra Nevada range and it's 3000m peaks. A impressive ski tour for those wanting something a bit different! If you are wanting the high mountains, long tough ascents, swooping descents down deserted slopes and virgin snows, then this tour is for you. The tour covers the major peaks whilst staying in the Sierra Nevadas guarded and unguarded refuges.


Snowshoeing Tours Las Alpujarras & Sierra Nevada

Winter months of December to May, the Sierra Nevada offers plenty of snow. Snowshoers will find this a fabulous destination. Snowshoers of every level of experience will find an abundance of trails to meet their desires.

Never worn a pair of snoewhoes? Nearly everyone is a little nervous or intimidated when trying out a new sport. Snowshoeing, however, is a sport that you can enjoy your first time out. If you've never tried it, you should! Its great fun and very easy to learn.

The good news is that anyone who can walk can go snowshoeing. From young kids to senior citizens, it's a fun and active way to get into the great outdoors. Depending on your age and weight range there will be a shoe that fits your needs.


Downhill Ski Packages in the Sierra Nevada

Booking a downhill ski holiday package in the Sierra Nevada is not easy! There is such a wide range of choices depending on age, size, season, dates, requirements and of course prices! It is a marathon trying to work out all the different options, especially in a foreign language. That's where we come in.

We put together a package to suit your individual, family or groups requirement. We can organise all of your holiday or just a part of the package for you (hotels, ski hire, ski tuition, lift passes and airport transfers). It's completely up to you!